Here is a list of 51 things I wanna do before I croak

by Will Sanders on March 18th, 2010

Annie reminded me that I wrote this a while ago.  I already put it on the facebook page, you may have seen it then.

It seems sort of strange to publish it, but I get to thinking after losing a friend at 23 that we may not have as long as we think we do.  Finding the first of what will be many many gray hairs, my friends having kids and getting married, it is flying by.  Remember being 17?  Shit.  Seems to me that I got things to do and here is a list, half serious half not.  I have added a few things to bring it up to an even 50.  I don’t imagine that anyone should even care about my list, so how about writing your own and sending it, or put it in a comment here.  Or skip it all together what the hell do I care?  nomattarme.

And I got the idea from my dear friend Annie.  She is a super awesome person who went back home like a boomerang.  She is coming out to visit this summer and I can’t wait to see her.  So she told me to write a list and I did.  I didn’t get the idea from the movie the bucket list.  That fucking movie sucked!

43 things I want to do before I check out. EXPIRE!

1. Find some kind of true and deep understanding of something important
2. Go to at least fifty countries
3. Go to outer space
4. Start a bar with a pool table on a beach someplace amazing and have my dad come out and run the place, I think he would like that
5. Read more books
6. Win an eating contest
7. Have sex in the jungle with monkeys watching me
8. Fall madly in l o v e and do it for g o o d
9. Learn at least two more languages
10. Make or do something that people will enjoy or appreciate long after my death
11. Help really bad off children in some way
12. Become a better teacher
13. Get married
14. Kids
15. Learn a martial art
16. Eat kobe steak in kobe japan
17. Start an esl school some place
18. Get my shit published
19. Save some ones life
21. Learn to cook more things
22. Win a fight to the death with a vicious animal
23. From now on, only live in places which make people jealous, impressed, or confused
24. Punch through a concrete slab with at least three naked chicks watching
25. Explode a car off a cliff
26. Kill a warewolf and or vampire (zombie ok)
27. Learn to surf
28. Learn to play the guitar
29. Get in good shape
30. Eat better food
31. Find the time to eat more bacon
32. Invent a time machine and go back to the middle ages with a lighter and a machine gun
33. Start a new religion based on the teachings of Stan Lee
34. Get a Mohawk
35. Learn more about music
36. see the pyramids
37. make peace with people who have wronged me and be able to forgive them all the way
38. tell off the assholes who deserve it, and to do it in just the right way and make them feel really really bad
39. create a house where people instantly feel welcome and chill to be inside and fill it with people I love
40. volunteer in a poor country
41. get another tattoo, but a really good one
42. increase my sword collection (only have two so far)

43. gain more understanding of art, music, and film history

44. get better at controlling my anger

45. Stop being so damn messy

46. practice the drums more often

47. get an MA

48.  Walk across Asia for a long, long time.  Take a year maybe.

49. listen better

50. not die

51. have sex with five girls at the same time (four of which are totally hot)

there you go, whatever good it is to anyone if any.  Thanks for indulging me. Thanks Annie for giving me the idea and for making things totally fun.  We miss you, the city of heroes has one less hero.

Next time it will be cool adventures again, promise blog believers.

9 Responses to “Here is a list of 51 things I wanna do before I croak”

  1. Anna says:

    Hi Willy!
    I absolutely love this list and you can’t count, you have 51 things and not 50! If we were holding our breaths under water I would be much better and beat you but I’m not very good on land! I’m sitting at school reading your list and giggling like an idiot cos I think everythign you have on your list is amazing and I hope you’re achieving! I do feel a bit guilty though as it was Brenda who told me to write a top 43 and then I just passed that on to you! But I love your list. I need to get cracking on mine. When I do, I’ll send it to you asap. I’d like more info about the logistics of number 51 please…. Talk to you soon Willy and see you soon in Indo town!!

    • Will Sanders says:

      I have spent quite a bit of time trying to figure the logistics of 51, but it can and must happen. Get on that list and let me see it. I will put it up here.

    • brenda says:

      Actually it was top 47. Not 43. Not 51. but the number is not important. what is important is to think about what’s important to you and write it down. look it over every now and again, share it with friends – who will then pretend it was their fabulous idea (I forget who I stole this idea from, my friend jenny I think).

      I always feel that I’m making the most of my life when I see that I’m working towards or actually done something on my list. Think big, dream crazy dreams and above all have a fucking kick ass time!

      • Will Sanders says:

        Lord yes. That is ever so true.
        I miss you already, but I am sure where ever you wind up landing will be better when you get there. I can tell because things just aren’t the same around here since you left us. Happy trails and good luck with your list. I hope you cross a lot of them off but never all of them, we always need to have a few left to aim for or else no more fun. Holler at Annie in aus for me.

  2. Marcus says:

    LOL! Do it! Do it! Do it! Chug! Chug! Chug!

  3. Nonayo Bidnass says:

    I call being one of the five chicks that isn’t totally hot!

    • Will Sanders says:

      nope. sorry, you are totally stuck being in the hot four

      • Nonayo says:

        aw man, I just re-found this, having forgotten I read it, and thought “I call being one of the five chicks that isn’t totally hot!” then discovered I already wrote it, and Will wrote back and said that thing he said. DEJA VU, also YEA!

  4. Ed Nyankori says:

    Ok, now prioritize the list.

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