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Endless Indonesia Ending

by Will Sanders on May 1st, 2012
I was thinking of doing one of these here pretty soon anyways, but Stussy asked and so Stussy gets.  Sorry it’s been so long.  I guess I just lost touch with doing it, and I think that part of the problem is when you stay somewhere long enough just driving to work and walking down […]

Bali by bike part two: Ijen

by Will Sanders on September 29th, 2009
Quick little note here:  Marcus made us a cool google map of my trip so you can go and check it out, if you happen to be so inclined. Part 2 So we left off in Ijen. I waited around all morning for Allen, Luke, and Tabby.  I was at the foot of the […]

the lush life

by Will Sanders on June 12th, 2009
I had been swimming laps, I don’t know for how long when I stopped my crawl mid pool.  I rolled over and floated belly up, lapping up that hot, hot Indonesian sun.  Soon, I would have to dry up, take a nice shower (with hot water, fancy in these parts) then into work to plan […]

Rocky Mountain High….. Surabaya

by Will Sanders on May 6th, 2009
Hey, I forgot to tell you something last time, in the last post, I mean. The school’s driver who got me in from the airport loves John Denver. My first ride with him I was too preoccupied with the new country and city and with the cacophony to notice what was on the radio. This […]

Day One

by Will Sanders on April 21st, 2009
Surabaya chapter 1 I landed here a couple of days ago. The airport customs was a large unlit room with no AC, flies and such. Big contrast to the airports of Singapore, Chicago, and Hartsfield. I showed the guy my passport, the new fancy smancy visa I have, he owwed and ahhhed before stamping. Outside […]