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Endless Indonesia Ending

by Will Sanders on May 1st, 2012
I was thinking of doing one of these here pretty soon anyways, but Stussy asked and so Stussy gets.  Sorry it’s been so long.  I guess I just lost touch with doing it, and I think that part of the problem is when you stay somewhere long enough just driving to work and walking down […]

A quick China memory: The African I found in Shangqiu

by Marcus Rosentrater on December 28th, 2011
Posted on behalf of Will Sanders. Too damn long, too damn long.  Well, hell.  I am lazy I guess but still over here.  The news I got now is I am trying to get into a fancy grad school to study TESOL.  They wanted me to write a short story about a cultural experience and I found […]

Here is a list of 51 things I wanna do before I croak

by Will Sanders on March 18th, 2010
Annie reminded me that I wrote this a while ago.  I already put it on the facebook page, you may have seen it then. It seems sort of strange to publish it, but I get to thinking after losing a friend at 23 that we may not have as long as we think we do.  […]

The Dead man at Papuma

by Will Sanders on November 25th, 2009
Here I am, mugging for the camera.  I didn’t know that I was standing over a cliff which over looked a dead man floating in the tide.   I had written so much here, it was all about my new town, Jember.  It was about how I am here for two months and it is […]

Last weekend in Tretes

by Will Sanders on May 13th, 2009
Chapter one I am sitting at on an open air balcony which wraps around the rear of the hotel Lie mas and over a sheer cliff, valley below. The trees are lush and appear bushy like the dog across the street who never gets love and is left alone all day every day, the trees […]